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PROGRAM ︎ Vacation house

CLIENT ︎ Private

SITE ︎  Chicerea village, Iași county, Romania

AREA ︎ 160sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept design | 2015

DESIGN TEAM ︎ Alexandra Berdan, Tiberiu-Teodor Stanciu, Ramona Costea, Adriana Gheorghiescu

TEXT ︎ Ramona Costea is house that is not just a house. is a home. 

In Romanian, acasă means home. is landscape. Or a hill with a vines. Or a journey. 
The house sits on a sloped site, watching towards the hills of Comarna and the sunrise.
site ︎ 

The house is precisely what its inhabitants desired it to be, far from the idea of "house" that they always had in mind — a small compact space.

Placed on the highest point of the terrain the house gives space to a generous garden-courtyard that lets the landscape and view flood the windows and terraces.

Like the "hidden" logs in nature, which unfold a space-dwelling complexity about their inhabitant, this house is, in fact, the most personal experience of knowing oneself and the other.

The living spaces frame the landscape that opens to the nearby valley and the distant hills. The adjoining areas follow one another on the northern side, in a technical spine.

The rooms of the house become a reading about space, expanding and decanting horizontally and vertically, from the small sleeping rooms to the larger living area, from the narrow attic space of the office to the hall space of the pool.

transversal sections︎
plan ︎

The house will be inhabited temporarily, on holidays, and will be built step by step.

The first built place will be the core of the house: the living area, with a lounge and dining area, the kitchen space, and the master bedroom, separated from the living space by a greenhouse.

The second volume consists of two other bedrooms and the office, watching over the yard and the hills.

The third module is that of the pool space, which may remain closed, looking towards the landscape, or it may open, becoming part of the landscape.

The last module is the garrage, separated from the rest of the house by the barbecue terrace.
long section ︎  

The house will "age" naturally. On the hill with vines, the house will become part of the hill. It becomes a living-house.

The finishes are chosen so that they will transform the house into an extension of the landscape. The facade is dressed in a discreet metal mesh as a support for the wild vines that will form, in time, the second skin of the house. 

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