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All the right things in all the right places

PROGRAM  ︎  Interior design - apartment 

CLIENT  ︎  Oana, Alex & Romică

SITE ︎  Iași, Romania

AREA ︎  35 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept design | 2019

DESIGN TEAM ︎  Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache, Livia Pleșca

A place is a space enriched by meaning. 

Furnished, equipped, and already inhabited Oana's apartment is a personal universe - an archive of memories and things that are either useful or just meaningful for her, or both.

Minimal and precisely targeted interventions were required.  These would transform the rooms into spaces in which one would live pleasurably and comfortably. 

Before any decoration, finding solutions for the shortage of storage space was the main priority of the project. The new storage had to hide or help tidy up the more unsightly parts of the dwelling: trash, stocks of jars and cans, vegetables and fruits, clothes worn just once, and many other little things of great significance.

Un colaj de intervenții punctuale definesc și întregesc o poveste personală despre frumos, util și confortabil.

New pieces of furniture, made out of wood, generously solve the identified problems while offering something extra: ︎The sundeck with seating - storage with a leisure seat and look ︎
The suspended pantry offers storage and display; the box in steps - offers seating and vegetable storage; the balcony-desk provides storage and a light-filled workspace; the chest of drawers gives extra storage for clothes; the grid of memories makes space for display and archiving.

The place with the suspended pantry : 

The place with the box in steps  >

The resting place with the grid of memories and chest of drawers: 

The working place  

When all the right things are put in all the right places, narrow rooms and non-functional corners become beautiful places to live in. 

The color and texture will be given by the personal objects, orderly displayed. The project does not propose a proper decoration of the rooms, but a simple strategy that creates flexible and easy to customize frameworks.

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