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Between the Orchard and the Courtyard

PROGRAM  ︎  Locuință unifamilială

CLIENT  ︎  Privat
SITE ︎  Borniș, Neamț county, Romania

BUILT AREA ︎  265 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept design | 2019

ARCHITECTURE ︎ APLUSNOIMA︎  Alexandra Berdan, Ștefania Borș,  Ancuța Costandache, Alecsandra Micu, Livia Pleșca  
TEXT ︎ Oana Filip, Ancuța Costandache

With a great view of nature, the house invites you to unwind and disconnect as much as it encourages you to host family reunions.

The house between the orchard and the courtyard is bathed in sunlight and has a hard-to-match view. It is modest from the way its inhabitants voice their core values, but modern and generous through the generous spaces provided and the way they communicate.
site plan  ︎
concept  ︎

The space where the dinner-table is placed is open both horizontally and vertically has been thought in this manner to bring the whole family together.

The day-area from the ground floor is placed at the "heart" of the house. It's the space that contains the living and dining area, widely open to the yard, but also to the hills and valleys that nest the site. It brings together the family, but also close friends, a perfect place to have long chats and relax.

The living and dining areas are transparent towards the outside, which makes it possible to have a direct view from the entry alley through the house, to the orchard. This dynamic offers a pleasant sensation of "openness" and, at the same time, indicates the authentic and honest manner the family lives by. 

groundfloor plan ︎
1st floor plan ︎
exploded axonometry ︎
The night area on the first floor is composed of three bedrooms, separated through vertical openings — the stairs and the dining atrium. The bedrooms access the view  directly or through the interior windows between the rooms. One can look straight outside to the vast apple orchard, but can also look around the house first, and then smoothly pan out to the delightful view.

sections ︎
The terrace in front of the house is open to the yard where the family dines during the summer and enjoys the crisp mountain air. The same space accommodates other relaxation activities, individual (sunbathing, reading a book) or collective (socializing, board games, discussions) in the shade of oaks and walnuts.

model ︎

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