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Electra Innovation Centre

PROGRAM  ︎  Conversion of industrial spaces into offices


SITE ︎  Iași, Romania

AREA ︎  aprox. 4100 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept Design | 2019

ARCHITECTURE CONCEPT ︎ APLUSNOIMA ︎ Ștefania Borș, Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache
TEXT ︎ Alexandra Berdan, Oana Filip

The Electra Innovation Centre is an ensamble of former industrial buildings in Iași converted into office and service spaces. The project will deliver approximately 4000 sqm of office and commercial spaces, in an ensemble made out of three multi-storey buildings: a 3 storey building A  extended with a smaller 2 storey building C, and an independent 4 storey building B.
This built ensamble forms two patios, one for supply and one for parking. 

The simple proposed interventions take the budget into consideration, reduce the execution time to the minimum, and  follow clear improvement directions.  

  • The buildings are thermally insulated and refurbished with sandwich panels, redesigned to conform to the new fire protection standards and the interior circulation is optimized by the addition of new stairs.

  • The quality of the interior spaces is improved through the re-thinking of the internal partitioning. 

  • New vertical windows for building B ensure more generous openings to the exterior for the new working spaces.

  • The former supply yard is upgraded and transformed into a leisure garden with lush vegetation. 

  • The buildings are easily identified by the new signage - system.

  • Even though the buildings will receive a new facade treatment, they will keep their gabled-roofs as a reference to the past. 

before ︎
after ︎
situație inițială
situație propusă
proposal plans ︎

The architectural approach for the whole assembly implied using resources in an efficient and smart way.
With minimal interventions and gestures the whole project got more meaning for its future beneficiares. 

All interventions have multiple uses as it follows: 

  • The thermal insulating panels also give the facades a new finish.
  • The metal pergolas offer a shelter space at the entry while making each building stand out.
  • The new vertical nodes solve evacuation problems, provide secondary access for each floor, while giving extra flexibility to the partitioning and rental of spaces.
  • The new stairway of building B is a symbol in itself, a vertical accent, and an implicit totem for the ensemble.
  • The blue-cyan color recalls the color and function of the old ensemble and transforms the exterior signage into an architectural gesture in itself.

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