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Memories in the attic

PROGRAM  ︎  Attic interior redesign

CLIENT  ︎ Private

SITE ︎ Breazu, Iași county, Romania

AREA  ︎  102 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept Design | 2020

DESIGN TEAM ︎ APLUSNOIMA ︎ Alina Andriescu, Alexandra Berdan
TEXT ︎ Oana Filip, Alina Andriescu

A family with four members and a friendly puppy dreamed of extending their home and making some space for their values and beliefs, in the attic. For them, life together means more than spending time per se. It is their way of manifesting affection and building memories and meaningful relationships between family members.

The attic space presented several challenges: the need to use the whole space, even the areas where the height is shallow, poor ventilation and natural lighting, lack of windows to provide a horizontal relationship of the space to the outside.

On the other hand, an attic also has its unmatched charm. It represents the space reserve of a house, and it also has a distinctive shape, different from the horizontality of the current floors, it offers unique perspectives towards the landscape and, of course, it makes it possible for a family to live vertically, an endeavor essential for anyone, as Andrei Pleșu said in his essay in the book The houses of our lives.

existing plan ︎


The main objective of the project was the transformation of the attic space into multifunctional rooms, which can be used in different ways, in time, according to the needs of the family - sleeping, accommodating guests, storage, working from home.

Thus, the areas with reduced height (1.20-1.80) have become playrooms or sleeping areas where children can spend their time as they please.

The niches and areas with the lowest height (>1.20) are used for storage, which has facilitated their optimization efficiently and practically.

The two bathrooms requested by the beneficiaries were coupled and placed in a spot to connect to the existing sewage pipe easily. They benefit from natural light and ventilation through the new roof windows.

plan study ︎
proposed plan ︎

The identified solutions fit and match the initial requirements, but also accommodate other needs that evolve and have an impact on family dynamics.
After all, living scenarios evolve, and spaces must reflect these ever-changing realities.

The finishes proposed in the attic are as natural and neutral as possible - different types of white painted wood.

The proposed furniture was designed to optimize both the storage spaces and the useful circulation area. For this reason, we opted for drawer systems and cabinets with vertical opening, maximizing the use of spaces with reduced height.

furnishing proposal ︎ 

Through all these simple gestures, the attic has acquired new destinations to explore for each of the family members.

The way the family will choose to consume life in their extended home is one in line with their expectations, so we hope they will build many unforgettable memories there.

"We genuinely appreciate the fact that you have responded so well to our challenge. We told you we have space, we don't know what we want from it, but maybe you could guide us. You only knew that we are a family of four, and you made us dream for the time we will need to give it the utility you imagined. Your project is fun, practical and we hope we can build it together as soon as possible."

bedroom 1

hide-away place


bedroom 2

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