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PROGRAM ︎  Interior Design - coworking spaces

CLIENT ︎  Urban ZOO Coworking

SITE ︎  Riga, Latvia

AREA  ︎  148 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept design. International Ideas Competition ︎ Honorable Mention | 2019
DESIGN TEAM ︎ Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache
TEXT ︎ Alexandra Berdan

People are curious animals. Our world is, in fact, a zoo.

Coworking puts together people who might have vastly different personalities, skillsets or solutions to problems.

noun: OASIS;
plural noun: OASES;
1. a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.
synonyms:   watering hole, watering place, water hole, spring;
2. a pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult or hectic place or situation.
synonyms: refuge, haven, safe haven, retreat, sanctuary, sanctum, shelter, resting place, hiding place, harbour, asylum, hideaway, hideout

The project provides more of a design strategy than a finished design. It sets up a set of tools that can be used to transform any space into an Urban ZOO Coworking space. 

Our proposal focuses on the essential components of the space to generate efficient and meaningful interventions, with maximum effect.

It creates a rather rigid structure to organise the required auxiliary functions that makes coworking work.

This structure - the OASIS - is a large ensemble of built-in wooden furniture with an open space in the middle. 

The OASIS provides a framework for life to happen and lets ”the beasts” come together.
Design tools   


WHITE - work desks and walls - as specified, pendant lamps, meeting room chairs, grids on black walls.


BLACK  - work desks and walls - as specified, wall and desk lamps, all the other chairs, grids on white walls, all window frames, sills and jambs.


CONCRETE - floor + ceiling, table/s in the Oasis.


WOOD - all OASIS built-in furniture

Layout components:  
1. The OASIS - The gathering space 2. The MEADOW  - Hotdesk with window-seats for introverted beasts
3. The ISLANDS - Dedicated desks - 4 spots for small teams of beasts
4. The CAVES  - Dedicated desks for the co-working loners and their occasional mates
5. The JUNGLE - Hotdesk for the sociable beasts : 8-10 spots
6. The HIDEOUT - Soundproof meeting room for team-player-beasts.
Elements of the OASIS :
a.  Kitchen
b.  Storage space
c.  Bookshelves
d.  Clothes hangers
e.  Chill-out nook
f.   Toilet
g.  Soundproof phone-booth
h.  Concrete common table/s

Demolishions > 

Work space vs. Oasis >

Functions > 

Lighting concept >

The OASIS  will be the place where the day begins and ends, where encounters, discussions and laughters happen. It is where the working ”beasts” will  eat, drink and relax.
In the end, coworking is about flexibility, confort, productivity, but also community and play.

In order to create a comfortable environment for focus and productivity a restrained palette of colours and materials was used: polished concrete (for its durability and earthiness), wood (to envelop the main space in a warm, cosy, social atmosphere) and black and white for the work-spaces. There are no decorations imposed in the workspaces - only grids of pins that let the people make it their own.


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