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PROGRAM ︎ Exhibition design
SITE ︎ Venice, Italy

STATUS  ︎  Concept design. The national competition for the selection of the project that will represent Romania at the 15th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition- la Biennale di Veneziaex-aequo mention | 2016

DESIGN TEAM︎ Alexandra Berdan, Tiberiu-Teodor Stanciu, Ramona Costea, Oana Codru, Adriana Gheorghiescu
TEXT ︎ Ramona Costea, Adriana Gheorghiescu. Read the full manifesto here.

... and what one owns - one fences... 

96,1% of Romanians own their residences. Be it a historical consequence, an inherited consciousness, or a tradition of the individual’s fulfillment, the Romanian holds or wants to own.

The privatization and fencing of the land in the Romanian context perpetuates and nurtures a specific type of society. 94% of the contracted architecture services come from the individual, private entity, because the area that is to be conquered is the private one. 

The enclosed property signifies social status and possession. Architecture is no longer of the place, but of the newcomer, carrying his cultural and social baggage. “The process” of architecture is being understood as personal freedom sheltered behind the fence.

The Romanina Pavilion in Giardini della Biennale - proposal ︎ 

The architecture behind the fence is an act of hazard. Yet, what is built, is more or less the same. The enclosed void is an expression of the “tabula rasa” way in which architecture takes form.

Our society has lost its consciousness in delivering a message through architecture. This is our statement.

Our proposal was inspired by a traditional fence.

Slightly inclined towards the interior of the property, the fence seems to shelter the virtual property. Its height guards the interior against the eyes of the others. 

We chose to reinterpret the model of a traditional roofed fence, as a simbol of status and durability

The roof holds the message of the project in enveloped photographs, postcards, and writings. The envelope’s shape, arranged repetitively on the roofing’s ridge, is an ornamental gesture.

The image of the pavilion and the fence merge through color with all elements painted white. The limit of the property thus becomes an extension of the architectural presence
Propunere pentru Noua Galerie ICR  >

The project talks about an introverted society which, paradoxically, wishes to communicate its new values, probably. Or the probability of an architecture.

Being the only visible element, the fence becomes responsible for sending a message.

The project expresses how owning unfolds itself in the local context. It is mostly private and fenced. It speaks about the Romanian act of defining private property by limiting intrusion. The visitor will understand the limitation, distance, and farness from the architectural object.

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