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Replay Victoria

PROGRAM  ︎  Sports field rehabilitation 
CLIENT  ︎ ”Orientat” Association for „Ionel Teodoreanu” Highschool in Victoria
SITE ︎  Victoria village, Iași county, Romania

AREA  ︎  1250 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept | 2019

DESIGN TEAM ︎ APLUSNOIMA ︎ Ancuța Costandache, Alexandra Berdan, Livia Pleșca

We responded positively to the invitation of the “Orientat” Association to revitalize and bring joy to the school spaces in the village of Victoria, Iași County.

Our first proposal focused on the surroundings of the actual school - the sports field. Located in a large green yard, with a generous area of about 1200 sqm, the field has the potential to serve the whole village community also after  school hours.

We proposed interventions on the fencing and the pavement of the sports field.

The entrance in the field is done through the two existing gates, which will be marked by a large sign with the motivational name of the village - Victoria (Victory).

The existing enclosure of the field offers the possibility of placing thematic signage that will symbolically mark the sports ground in the village.
color code & decorative elements ︎ 

constructive details ︎
enclosure ︎

Once past the entrance gate, the perspective opens with a floor full of colors and markings that mark the play area.

The dimensions of the field offer the possibility of playing multiple games and sports activities. The proposed markings and colors correspond to the games of mini football and basketball.

proposed plan ︎

working variants for reduced paint consumption ︎  

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