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The Garden with Views

PROGRAM  ︎  Adaptive reuse. Pavilion

SITE ︎ Skagen, Denmark

AREA ︎  13 sqm

STATUS  ︎  Concept design | International ideas competition ✲ finalist | 2019
DESIGN TEAM ︎ Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache
PHOTOGRAPHS  ︎ Daniel Miroțoi, Ancuța Costandache

TEXT ︎ Alexandra Berdan

The architecture of the tiny tourist office suggests that it never wanted to be in anyone’s way. It connected with the city by “looking” at it.

Skagen is the northernmost city in Denmark, and one of Denmark's main fishing ports. The large number of architectural and cultural attractions attracts about two million tourists annually. In the 1920s, the first tourist information point was built out of wood, in front of the main train station. In 1939, the wooden construction was replaced by a small brick building designed by the Danish architect Kristian Jensen.

The construction, completely unused today, is made up of one room of about 13 sqm, with two large windows and a door. The theme of the Adaptive Reuse of a Tourist Office competition called for the creative reconversion of this small building.

Our proposal for its rehabilitation turns it into an observation tower. 

By translating it vertically, the tiny building will give a new dimension to and a new perspective on the city.  

The building will be lifted approximately 12 m above ground on steel pillars that will also support an intermediate platform, functioning as an urban lounge and a space for temporary art installations. A circular stair will provide a path to the top.  The ground floor will be liberated to house the required garage space.
plans  ︎

The tiny tourist office becomes, in this way, a suspended garden, a small green oasis at the heart of the city of Skagen.

The building will be kept Skagen - yellow. The entire ensemble will be perceived as an urban art installation.
The elevated building will have its ceiling perforated. Inside, as a symbol of sustainability, tall vegetation will be planted.

scale model ︎

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