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The Long Home

PROGRAM  ︎  Single-family house

CLIENT  ︎  Privat
SITE ︎  Valea Lupului, jud. Iași, România

BUILT AREA ︎ 265 sqm

STATUS ︎ In progress | 2020

Ancuța Costandache, 
Alexandra Berdan, Ștefania Borș
TEXT ︎ Oana Filip, Ancuța Costandache

A house in which the spaces keep you together and everything is at a hand’s reach.

site plan ︎

In a suburb of Iasi, densely built and with no distant prospects, the Long Home, turns its back to the neighbors, and its face towards the sun and its yard.

In this way, a whole universe unravels, through which the house lives its own life as it desires. Sometimes more agitated, sometimes quiet, but always in an atmosphere that sharply defines the personality of the inhabitants.

Spread over the entire buildable length of the land, the house to the north, and the yard to the south, the first-mentioned protects the intimacy of the family with the neighboring dwellings in the vicinity. Thus, an ideal pretext for making unforgettable memories appears.

The house does not reveal itself to the street, you have to go through it for the experience, and it also needs to be lived to be discovered and fully understood. It is a process that the inhabitants can go through in countless ways.

Far from the buzz and looks of others, the house grants unlimited opportunities for experimentation. It is an oasis, where protection and tranquility are at its core as much as it is a land of fun and celebration with loved ones.

As in any well-orchestrated show, where nothing is random, the entrance is a necessary passage from the outside to the inside. A sequential journey from the street to the universe of its inhabitants.

Plan parter

The living area, the core of the house, imposes itself in size and takes a step forward to be closer to the yard, towards which it opens its view generously. Also, all service functions remain behind and thus make up a protective border to the north.

Plan etaj
The night area is delimited by the vertical living area, with the rooms positioned upstairs, facing the yard and the sun to provide the most enjoyable experience.

The interior spaces gradually expand, both in width and height, from the outside to the center of the house, and back to the outside.

Thus, the whole story occurs even before setting foot into the long house, and the joy of discovery takes place in every available space.
Together with the inhabitants, who live authentically and in harmony with their values, it becomes home.

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