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The retail store

PROGRAM  ︎  Commercial space interior design

CLIENT  ︎  Privat
SITE ︎  Iași, Romania

AREA  ︎  127 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept design | 2020
DESIGN TEAM ︎ APLUSNOIMA︎ Ancuța Costandache,   Alexandra Berdan, Ștefania Borș
TEXT ︎ Oana Filip, Ancuța Costandache

From buttons, zippers, coat hangers, needles, sewing machines, bands, elastic bands, thread, tailoring meter to spare parts, ornamental bands, snap fasteners, and textile materials, this shop represents an entire universe.

The retail store is a local business from Iași who assists customers with a broad range of products for the clothes manufacturing process.

Although from the exterior the retail store does not stand out, it seems rather prevailing and easy to overlook, on the interior, it unravels a fascinating world, full of opportunities. This world completely encompasses you and invites you to unravel its mystery and, thus, you get to appreciate its creative and business potential.

The challenge of the space was a two-way one: functional - the need to reorganize a multitude of products and the lack of natural light, and emotional - the general feeling of disorder generated by the faulty organization of all things.

There was a central need to rethink the reception area to display the products in a restrained and consistent way, in the form of a showroom.

'There are a lot of situations when the customers go to discover the merchandise, and they have the joy and the pleasure to find new things. Sometimes they come with a model in their hands, and they check it out itself what can be combined or what they decide to buy. I want them to regain this liberty, but with the products placed into the light, in dedicated spaces, that will harness them and where I can change it whenever I want.'

existing situation ︎




The concept proposes, first of all, the reorganization of the existing furniture. Optimizing the existing resources came together with rethinking them for all kinds of destinations.

Internal circulation is "cleansed" and becomes more explicit and more coherent. The natural light is allowed to penetrate inside the store by releasing the windows of shelves.

Simply putting things in order, "produces" new exhibition and storage spaces.

proposed concept ︎




The showroom is more than a pretext for presenting the products, and it summarizes the story of 127 square meters of the entire store in just 13 square meters.

The essence of the whole project, however, remains the entrance to the store, with a showroom area and an administrative area nearby.

We have created a generous and spectacular reception area, which represents the most creative and creative space so that the customers can get in touch with the personality of the store from the beginning. In this way, they begin the transition to the whole world behind the shelves, and then they are absorbed by it.

Through simple, meaningful gestures, we rethought the retail universe and brought it closer to its core purpose.

In addition to amplifying the pragmatic, business value, the store manages to narrate its own life in an organized and easy-to-maintain manner. Through the thousands of products it offers, it becomes a reliable partner for all fashion lovers.

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