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The corner shop

PROGRAM ︎  Coffee shop

CLIENT ︎ KREMM Coffee & Gelato

SITE ︎ Finland | Norway | Sweden

AREA ︎ 4 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept. International Ideas Competition | 2018

ARCHITECTURE CONCEPT ︎  Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache

„It's hard to remember a time when there wasn't a coffee shop perched on every corner.”

The coffee shop is probably the start of a daily routine. It is a center in itself; it drives people to it and then sends them on their way. It is an articulation. A marker. A promise of wellbeing.

The task of the Big Tiny house competition asked to create a kiosk module for a coffee distribution chain based in Northern Europe.

The coffee shop represents a duality - full half empty, half-light half dark, half translucent, half opaque / half-hard, and half-soft.

While still being European, the public life and use of public space in Northern Europe have its own specificities. It's a duality. Half-day and half night, half winter half summer, half lightness half darkness, half sun, and half snow.

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The kiosk marks its presence in an integrative and disruptive way at the same time. We called it a delicate disruption.

One does not need much to sell coffee, just a little space for storage and preparation.The small coffee shop as a function has been completely solved. It works perfectly in a two by two square-meter footprint.  

Through the 45 degrees rotation in relation to the space in witch it is placed, the kiosk becomes a kind of landmark. Opening the kiosk removes one of its corners. 
color variations  ︎

The color of the kiosk is left as an open choice. It could integrate into or delicately disrupt its environment.

The kiosk is made out of a rigid metal frame, easily manufactured. The metal frame is then wrapped in perforated metal sheets and sandwich panels made from metallic sheets, insulation and wooden sheets to the interior.

The lightness and modularity of these structures result in entirely demountable and transportable objects that can be placed in any available space within the urban fabric.

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