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The cutting room

PROGRAM ︎  Exhibition stand 

CLIENT ︎  Gemini Cad Systems

SITE ︎  Stuttgart, Germany

AREA︎ 72 sqm

STATUS ︎  Built | 2018

ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT ︎  APLUSNOIMA  ︎ Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache

GRAFIC DESIGN ︎ PixelBonkers

The spatial idea of the stand speaks about the integrated approach of the leather-cutting technology produced in Iași, Romania. 

For their first participation in the international fair AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS EXPO, in Stuttgart,  GEMINI CAD SYSTEMS wanted to present their complete solution of machines (leather-scanner, leather-cutter) and software for a cutting-room for the automotive industry.

Conceptual study ︎

Concept diagram ︎

With a simple gesture, the proposed solution expresses the possibilities and values of the company that the beneficiaries wanted to communicate to potential customers: complete technologies, integrated solutions, efficiency, experience, performance.

Metaphorically, the walls of the cutting room are „raised” to reveal the a complete technological solution. All the machines are then integrated with the necessary adjacent functions - reception, discussion space, bar - serving space and storage.

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