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La șezătoare

PROGRAM  ︎ Office Interior Design 

CLIENT  ︎ Brandweb

SITE ︎  Iași, Romania

AREA ︎  110 sqm

STATUS ︎ Concept Design. Ideas competition „La etajul 3” ︎ 2nd Prize II | 2019

DESIGN TEAM ︎ Ștefania Borș, Livia Pleșca

A quilting bee is a get-together for people who sew and quilt to work on their individual or group projects with like-minded individuals. Quilting bees are great social events for learning new skills and techniques, discussing related events, and chatting with peers about anything.

The project for the design competition of the new Brandweb headquarters proposes the creation of a flexible and efficient space, which leaves room for customization.

The project starts from the desire of the beneficiaries to spend their working day in an intimate and comfortable environment - a "home" in which the Brandweb spirit is alive.

From the entrance, the spaces are developed gradually, from "public" to "private," so that the reception area continues with relaxation and play space, being followed by the work area, and then by the kitchenette and the dining place.
axonometric view >

To reduce the project implementation time, we have also reduced the proposals of custom furniture, opting for a ready-made piece composition.

The furniture set in the window area complements the primary functional needs, offering additional workspaces, relaxation areas, or a coffee spot in the morning.
operating scenarios >

The color palette was limited to brand colors, offering a reinterpretation of them, dividing the space into two visual registers.

The lower part of all the walls was painted with stronger, darker colors, for a practical purpose, namely the need to ensure excellent wear resistance to the most exposed area of the walls.

The upper half of the room is left white to enhance the feeling of a bigger space, light, and order.

furniture plan >

window view >

acces wall view  >

design components > 

Simple, airy, and practical, the space can transform organically.

Outside the work desks, the furniture is movable, a metal grid on the wall in the work area allows the personalization of the space directly by its users.

The work area, with a warm and familiar atmosphere, is flexible, allowing multiple scenarios for furniture and operation.

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