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The vanilla scented home

PROGRAM  ︎  House interior design 

CLIENT  ︎ Dana from

SITE ︎  Bârnova, Iași county, Romania

AREA ︎  53 sqm

STATUS ︎  In execution  | 2020

DESIGN TEAM ︎ Ștefania Borș, Alexandra Berdan

TEXT ︎  Oana Filip, Ștefania Borș

Dana's vanilla scented home reminds us of the importance of accepting our past and the legacies that are left to us. Living the present in a more settled rhythm, in a peace that helps us to be more grateful for what we are, even wiser in the way we choose to live.

Dana from Prăjiturici (a Romanian food blog) has been a culinary blogger for more than eight years and has been traveling the country long and wide to discover stories, local ingredients grown and made with love, and anything else that's authentic. She appeared in the volume Bucataria Hoinara, an album of photographic art in which the recipes are not put first, but the people, the places, and their encounters.

Gastronomy has always been part of Dana's life. Lately, it has taken the form of a digital and non-digital journal in the world of sweets, in which she brought to light old Romanian recipes or experimented with bold ideas from today's culinary world. For her, "The soul of the house is always in the kitchen. You can tell when no one cooks in a home, and you can feel that absence."

The genuine and straightforward manner in which she likes to cook and talk about food, in general, is also found at home, a space in which the dynamics between traditional and modern are well balanced.

furniture plan ︎

1. Living room
2. Kitchen
3. Dining room
4. Entry hall 


The kitchen  

The kitchen is the core of the house that has been thoroughly thought out in terms of resources and infrastructure. It is the ideal playground for Dana: from generous countertops, lots of storage for all the bits and pieces, and also a traditional clad stove to cook all the seasonal goodies.
The kitchen is also the space that perfectly represents Dana and her values, furthermore an area in which she gathers all the family members to spoil them with her cooking and to bond over stories.


The dining room

The dining room is a warm, neutral-colored room, but full of wooden textures and earthy nuances, to which Dana relates dearly, being that she grew up surrounded by them. Warm colors, textures, the traditional ie, and all the other elements have come together to create an authentic place, full of meaning.


The living room  

Intentionally placed in between the foyer and the kitchen, the living room is efficiently furnished to have a cozy place to spend the time in. Regardless of whether it is about sharing the thoughts gathered from the day, the history around antique objects carefully collected, or all kinds of sporting challenges unraveled, they all fuel dialogue and a form of listening to that bring them closer.


After all, what better pamper can Dana's family receive than vanilla-smelling cakes made with much love and attention?

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